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Life without limts 

Life without limits

Our approach to positive behaviour support training reflects our key values

  • That Challenging Behaviour should not limit individual’s lives

  • That parents, carers and staff have a right to high quality appropriate training

  • That understanding the individual, their wants needs and desires, mutual respect and involving the individual in their support plan are the most effective and ethically viable approaches available

We aim to provide parents, carers and staff supporting individuals who challenge with the information, knowledge and skills to support the individual in the most appropriate and safest way possible.

This is accomplished by keeping the individual at the centre of all decisions, whilst at the same time always planning within our duty of care.

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Key Principles underpinning the training

  • That there is often a clear link between Challenging Behaviour and the environment, and how we as part of the environment, and through our responses, have an impact on how the individual grows and learns within it.
  • To understand that Belief Structures either block or enhance effective support.
  • That mutual change and respect are necessary to effectively support individuals who exhibit Challenging Behaviour.
  • That to be independent in society individuals must be able to interact meaningfully and safely with other individuals. A key component of this is the ability to control ones own behaviour.



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Each training course is specifically designed around the individual service audit. As an example, modules might include:

  • Challenging Beliefs
  • Understanding and Assessing Challenging Behaviour
  • Understanding the individuals that we support
  • Functional Communication
  • Developing Positive Behaviour Support Plans – Planning for the Individual
  • Understanding the Impact of Crisis Situations and Developing Positive Responses
  • Legal Aspects/Health and Safety Considerations
  • Environment/Proximity/Physical Interventions
Accredited by the BILD Physical Interventions Accreditation Scheme
Prospect PBS Training Ltd. has adopted the British Institute of Learning Disability (BILD) Code of Practice and is accredited through the
BILD Physical Interventions Accreditation Scheme